With about 450 000 inhabitants, Namibia’s capital Windhoek is the biggest city in Namibia and, in a way, the only  “city” in the country.

The attractive town lies at an altitude of 1652 metres in a beautiful valley bordered by the Eros Mountains in the East and the Auas mountains to the South. Towards the west stretches the Khomas Highland to the Namib desert.

The City of Windhoek is – for an African town – very clean and a bit provincial. Over the last years, however, the appearance of the city has changed considerably through the addition of monumental buildings, mainly the new Independence museum  and the gigantic State House south of the city center, and acquired more of a cosmopolitan flair. But still one can find many buildings in the Wilhelmine (Victorian) style of the era of German colonialism, which contribute to the charm of Namibia’s capital and makes a sightseeing or Windhoek City Tour a must.


+- 3 hours tour

We will pick you up and drop you off at your accommodation within Windhoek. The +/- 3 hours tour starts with some background information about the historic capital at the viewpoint at Schwerin’s castle, from where you can take some pictures of the valley of Windhoek. We then proceed to some historical buildings and give you an overview on the history and detailed info of the buildings, e.g. Christ Church from the in and outside, the Old Fort, the Emperor school, the Parliament, the old State House, Independence Ave., the old Sports Hall and the Train Station. Last but not least we will drive you through Katutura, which nowadays is home to the majority of Windhoek´s inhabitants. Katutura is an important part of the capital and was developed during the Apartheid Regime in 1959.

NAD 490,00 p.p. (Min. 2 adults)


+- 3 hours tour

You will be picked up and dropped off at your accommodation within Windhoek. This +/- 3 hours tour starts at Schwerin’s castle where we will give you background information about the historic capital. From the viewpoint of Schwerin’s castle, you will have the opportunity to take amazing pictures of the valley of Windhoek. Thereafter we will proceed to the suburb of Katutura which is situated to the Northwest of Windhoek. Our tour takes us through the different areas of Katutura in order to get a good overview regarding the various housing styles.

Along the way we will visit the Penduka Women Project. Penduka means: Women wake up! And the Penduka Development Trust is a development and training social enterprise for locally less privileged women. Through training they can enter entrepreneurship or become part of Penduka`s production department and obtain an income through sales of exclusively handmade products or choose the hospitality side with restaurant, overnight and conference facilities. At the Penduka -Wake up! Shop you are welcome to buy a handcrafted item of your choice, but feel free just to look around. Shopping is not mandatory, but by purchasing a Penduka product you do not just have a beautiful and unique product for yourself, but you also contribute towards a better life for women in Namibia.

NAD 490,00 p.p. (Min. 2 adults)


+- 5 hours tour

You will be picked up and dropped off at your accommodation within Windhoek. This tour is a combination of the city and Katutura tours. Please see above. Duration: about 5 hours.

NAD 950.00 p.p. (Min. 2 adults)


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