Transfer from your accommodation within Windhoek to N/a’an ku sê Sanctuary or vice versa Please choose one or two of your favoured activities at N/a’an ku sê and add the costs to the transfer rate.

These activities are eco-friendly, give you a chance to learn about animals, meet the people of N/a’an ku sê (and Namibia), and contribute to their conservation efforts. Book any of the following activities and have a wonderful experience while giving back to vital conservation efforts.

NAD 1500.00 for 1-7 persons one way.


During the course of this drive you will visit the senior baboons, caracals, lions, cheetahs, African wild dogs and leopards. Watch them being fed by their experienced rangers, and listen to their stories. The scenic route that takes you to the magnificent carnivores lends the opportunity of spotting some of the free-roaming reserve animals. This is not just a great way to learn about these amazing animals, it is also a unique up close photographic opportunity. Carnivore feeding tours take place daily at 10:00 and 15:00

NAD 750.00 p.p. (Min. 2 adults)


This academy is a joint venture between the N/a ’ an ku sê Foundation and the Nyae Nyae Conservancy. It aims to serve as a reciprocal training venture where visiting San groups from the Nyae Nyae Conservancy stay at N/a ’ an ku sê to display their cultural heritage and skills to visitors. Take the opportunity to visit the San Bushmen in their traditional village and witness their ancient culture and traditions first hand. The San will show you plants they use for medicinal purposes, how they make fire and set traps, tell you how they hunt and regale you with stories, song and dance. Tours depart daily at 10:00 and 15:00

NAD 650.00 p.p. (Min. 2 adults)


Experience the wonders of the wildlife from a saddle! There’s nothing quite like it. A two hours horse ride through the bush will give intermediate and advanced riders the unique chance to observe wild game closer than ever before – and you may even be lucky enough to ride amongst the gorgeous giraffe family. Your experienced coordinator will provide you with all of the necessary safety equipment and will guide you on a fabulous afternoon. Tours daily at 15:00 starting from the Main Lodge Building with a maximum of three people. No children allowed.


NAD 650.00 p.p. (Min. 2 adults)


Meet these playful primates and experience the joys of monkey fun on a not – to – be – missed baboon walk. All the baboons came to N/a ’ an ku sê either after losing their mums (Namibia’s Chacma baboons are tragically persecuted on an almost daily basis), or having been rescued from situations of abuse. The baboon buddies adore the interaction and bounding through the bush on their daily walks. Why not join in and get to know firsthand just how incredible these animals are? Every morning Monday to Saturday. Approximately 2 hours. No children allowed.

NAD 1450.00 p.p. (Min. 2 adults)


Habituated cheetahs have lost their fear of humans – a fear that is crucial in elevating their survival chances in the wild. For this reason, some of the magnificent spotted sprinters at N/a’an ku sê need to remain in captivity, having come to the sanctuary from various conflict situations at very young ages, requiring dedicated care to ensure their survival. At N/a’an ku sê they fully nurture and encourage their natural behaviour, captivity resembling the life of their wild counterparts as closely as possible. Enjoy time with these habituated big cats, in the hands of an experienced and knowledgeable guide. Simply not to be missed! This activity departs from the lodge every morning at 08:00 and lasts approximately two hours. Sorry, no children allowed. PHOTOGRAPHS OF THE CHEETAHS ONLY PERMITTED. NO IMAGES OF PEOPLE AND CHEETAHS IN THE SAME SHOT.

NAD 1450.00 p.p. (Min. 2 adults)



Follow in Marlice’s footsteps and get an intimate view of the workings of a wildlife reserve and sanctuary. On this in – depth activity you will gain insight into the real N/a ’ an ku s ê world and the inner workings of sanctuary life as well as the myriad of animal species currently being cared for. Enter the riveting world of research carried out at N/a ’ an ku sê, and gain intimate knowledge in the field of human – carnivore conflict mitigation. Become smitten with their gorgeous sanctuary orphans and bond with the baby baboons (there’s nothing like it). Become fully immersed in Marlice’s magical world!

NAD 1850.00 p.p. (Min. 2 adults)


Take a walk with N/a ’ an ku s ê ‘s habituated caracal and their guides. During this walk you will see how these animals behave in the wild, stalking birds and small mammals as they regain their natural instincts and hone their hunting skills. You will also experience the serenity of the Namibian veld and no doubt be accompanied by a wide variety of bird species. Caracal walks start every morning at 08:00, last approximately 90 minutes and are not child-friendly.

NAD 1450.00 p.p. (Min. 2 adults)


This five-kilometre guided walk is an excellent way to experience the veld at the N/a ’ an ku s ê Sanctuary. Spot different bird species including: the African hoopoe, lilac breasted rollers, the grey go-away-bird, kori bustards, and many more. You may also run into warthogs, antelope, or black-backed jackals along the way. This is a great tour for bird lovers! This tour leaves daily at 16:00 and takes approximately two hours.

NAD 450.00 p.p. (Min. 2 adults)



This wonderful activity lets you follow in the footsteps of San Bushman hunters! Learn about tracking and hunting, and of course, any meat obtained (if it’s a lucky hunting day) goes back to the San Bushman community.

NAD 2725.00 p.p. (Min. 2 adults)

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