1. Red Earth Sunny Tours & Transfers quotations are subject to availability of accommodation and vehicle at the time of booking the service.

2. Quotations are only valid if a firm booking for the tour (s) is received in writing within 40 days. Thereafter the validity of this quotation ceases automatically.

3. Any changes in the itinerary may result in price difference.

4. This quotation is based on presently known rates. Should prices change due to increases e.g. hotel rates, sales tax, VAT, entrance fees, and Tourism Levy etc. Red Earth reserves the right to amend the quotation accordingly without prior notice.


5. Reservations and tour processing only becomes factual if a written Booking request is received. With the day of the confirmed booking 20% of the payment is due. Full payment is due 30 days before the tour departs. Red Earth Safaris & Tours & Transfers reserves the right to withdraw all services completely if payment conditions are ignored.

6. If a tour is cancelled 90-31 days prior to the tour departure, Red Earth reserves the right to recover i.e. issue an invoice for any costs incurred or charges received from suppliers up to the date of cancellation.

7. If the tour is cancelled completely within less than 31 days before the intended arrival, Red Earth Safari & Tours & Transfers reserves the right to levy/charge 90% cancellations fees. If the tour is cancelled completely within the last 8 days of intended departure, Red Earth Safari & Tours & Transfers reserves the right to levy/charge 100% cancellations fees.

8. Red Earth Safari Tours & Transfers is under contract with local suppliers regarding above-mentioned cancellation and payment conditions and are thus forced to abide by these rules and are forced to equally make the agent responsible.


9. Differences due to currency fluctuations will not be accepted by Red Earth Safaris & Sunny Tours & Transfers..

10. The amount deposited into the Red Earth Bank account must be equivalent to the amount on the Invoice.

11. Red Earth will only be responsible for the local bank charges and not for any foreign or ‘in-between' charges by other banks/institutions.

12. Namibian Dollar is not a international trading currency and will encounter larger handling fees due to conversions.

13. Payments of the Invoices should be transferred in ZAR ( South African Rand 1:1).

14. Red Earth reserves the right to interrupt/cancel a Tour if outstanding Amounts due to above-mentioned conditions are disregarded.

Neither Red Earth or any person or Agent acting on behalf of the Company shall be liable or nor responsible for any damages or loss sustained by any Passenger as a result of any act or whatever cause or omission whatsoever of any hotel, airline or other person, notwithstanding the fact that Red Earth acted as agent of such hotel, Airline or other person.